Are you losing customers and leads calling your business?

Is your customer experience impacted by not having a professional business voicemail?

Custom Voicemail Greeting
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Professional Business Voicemail | More Leads & Sales
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Take Action Now! And within 24 hours you will have that peace of mind knowing that anyone calling your business or brand will be able to get in touch with you if you cannot get to the phone, and NOT resort to calling your competition.

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Professional Business Voicemail | More Leads & Sales

The Importance Of Business Greetings

Business Voicemail Greeting

Professional Business Voicemail | More Leads & Sales

Are you losing customers? 
Take action now! STOP calls going to your competition

A professional voicemail greeting and system offers customers the satisfaction of leaving a message when the line is busy or you just can't get to the phone. It demonstrates that your business or brand values their customer’s time. But the voicemail greeting has to be done in a professional manner to make the callers feel that you care and will treat their call with respect. With a professional business voicemail you can also provide other options for that caller to get you a message even faster. Text, and emails to name a few.

How Long Does My Voicemail Greeting Need To Be?

There is no real set time length, however you want to keep a few things in mind. It is designed to be a brief option for your callers to leave the information you need to be able to return their calls. You don't want to go on and on. The general time length is 20 to 30 seconds.

Do I Need To Have A Script Already Written?

No, I will work with you to write the script so it goes with your business or brand, and saying exacly what you want and need said. If you do have a script already that is fine to. Or if you just have ideas, we can work together to put those in a script. I am here to help you the whole way and script writing is included in the Premium Package.

What If My Personal Cell Phone Is My Business Phone?

A lot of businesses these days use personal or corporate cell phones. In most cases the provider, ie: Verizon, Sprint, Etc, do not have a way to upload a wav or mp3 file. I am able to directly access your message backend with the info you provide and record the greeting message directly onto the system that way.

How Can I Choose The Music I Want For My Voicemail Greeting?

Once you go through the order process you will come to a Google form to fill out for me with the details of the project, add your script or info. On that form is a link where you can go and listen to as many music selections as you want, then just let me know what one you want me to use with the voicemail. Gives you the opportunity to choose the exact one you want. Alternatively, I can always choose one for you if you like.

Do I Have To Have A Phone Voicemail System Or Physical Answer Machine?

No you do not have to have a voicemail system or an answer machine for these greetings. Just the ability with your phone providor, cell or landline, to be able to upload or record a voicemail greeting. Most any phone these days will have that option. If you have a phone system with your business, we can easily upload or call into the system to leave the greeting. If you have a whole phone system tree, including extentions, I do offer to voice those also.

How Does The Free Update Work For The Voice Greeting?

If you have a reason to need to change the greeting then all you have to do is contact me and in the packe here you will receive 1 free change. Say you change your business hours if you have included those in the main greeting, or you just want a different message.